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ColonWell – Natural Flavour (for lose weight and intestine health)

41,89 £

ColonWell is a  product made only from natural materials. Supports normal bowel function and helps those who want to lose weight. Description:


Colonwell Natural flavour combo of 2 (for lose weight and intestine health)

78,89 £

ColonWell is a  product made only from natural materials. Supports normal bowel function and helps those who want to lose weight. Description:

Colonwell Active Fruit flavour (for lose weight and intestine health with lyophilized fruits)

48,50 £

Colonwell Activ (Colonwell Ingredients + Lyophilized fruits and berries) I designed and developed Colonwell as a measure to: – Losing weight effectively,

Colonwell Detox (for lose weight and intestine health + antiparasitic complex)

47,79 £

Colonwell Detox (Colonwell Ingredients + antiparasitic complex with black extract and dried chanterelle powder) I designed and developed Colonwell as a measure

Tricollagen Joints (for joints health, joints pain, arthritis, arthrosis)

59,99 £

FenoQ Tricollagen Joints – is specialised oral tri-collagen for joints, containing as much as 9000 mg of fish collagen type II, 1000 mg

Tricollagen Neuro (to support the nervous system, memory, energy)

59,99 £

FenoQ Tricollagen Neuro – balanced complex of tricollagen peptides, vitamins and minerals to preserve memory, restore energy and boost brain activity. Especially recommended for mental work, intensive learning, stress, fatigue, memory impairment and to fully nourish the nervous system.


Beauty Complex (Tricollagen peptide + MicroHyaluron (For skin, hair, nails))

109,99 £

The materials in Tricollagen and MicroHyaluron are different but very closely related. Peptides from Tricollagen Peptide will give your body tissue shape, firmness, elasticity, and MicroHyaluron – moisture. It is therefore recommended to drink both products for maximum results.


Tricollagen Peptide (for skin, hair and nails)

64,89 £

FenoQ TriCollagen Peptide is the discovery of science to preserve beauty and youth. Contains the most important and essential two types of collagen peptides, which quickly and effectively help to give the hair weight and shine, elasticity and moisture to the skin, and firmness to the nails.


MicroHyaluron (for hair, skin moisture)

64,89 £

FenoQ MicroHyaluron – is a new generation oral combination of hyaluron, collagen and 25 other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to promote skin moisture, hair growth and youthful beauty.

Tricollagen Kids (for Kids)

58,89 £

FenoQ Tricollagen Kids – The fine-tuned composition of essential tricollagen peptides, vitamins and trace elements has been designed to ensure that just one bottle a day is now enough for a child’s healthy development.


Tricollagen Testoreval (for Men)

79,89 £

The FenoQ Tricollagen Testoreval – A Relentless Masculinity in Your Hands Decreased fertility, sexual desire, stamina, and other characteristics of debilitating masculinity severely


Tricollagen Mothers Health Welness (for planning pregnancy, pregnant and breastfeeding women)

58,99 £

It is a collection of essential substances to support the health of the baby and the mother, and to nurture the beauty of women. By taking this product, you are choosing a pregnancy and breastfeeding that is easy on the body, as well as a full-fledged pregnancy planning period!


Tricollagen Facial Masks (for strong facial skin moisturizing)

34,99 £

A patented biocellulose-based coconut gel face mask enriched with hydrolysed collagen peptides, vitamins E and C and other ingredients to restore moisture

Tricollagen Handcare (for softening, nourishing and moisturizing hand skin)

11,99 £

FenoQ serum is designed to soften, nourish and moisturise the skin of your hands. The serum does not leave an unpleasant greasy