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colonwell testimonials customer feedback kristinaMy name is Kristina. I started using Colonwell inner peace on the 23 02 2017. The first 6 days effect was really amazing. Thanks to your product,everything is now back to normal, because before I had some problems with my digestive system. I feel great and happy. I can recommend it to everyone. Now I'm looking forward to a good result after a month and hoping that this product will help me control weight. Pushing me to drink more water. Thank you very much.

Good Morning Colonwell Team, Every Morning I start my Day with CollonWell Inner Peace - this is a product with natural ingredients, which helps my immune system. I am a beauty therapist in Scotland who always runs around and is busy , I don't have time for my regular meals, so this product helps me to feel fuller until my main meals. Also, I am trying to get my clients to become more healthier and beautiful by introducing them not only with beauty treatments, but also with natural product, as I think 'your look is what you eat'! I tried Colonwell Active and now back to Inner Peace - both are very effective, but gives me a different results, so I think it's very personal what we want to achieve. Highly recommend this natural product!

I'm Nelia Smith, 39 years old from Glasgow. My husband (Stephen) and I started using ColonWell on the 20th of January 2017. The first effect was really amazing as it brought us to go for no.2 twice on the very first day and the only way for me to describe it was our bowel movement was effortless. The reason we try this product was to help improve our bowel movement and to try to control weight. My hubby sometimes can take up to 3 to 4 days without going to the toilet for no.2. As soon as we used ColonWell it shows a significant effect in our bowel movement. It makes us feel lighter after a few days. We are looking forward to a good result after a month and hoping that this product will help us control weight at the same time as it is pushing us to drink more water. Since we started taking this product we also tried eating healthy food. Taking it first thing in the morning helps to feel lighter through out the day.

I'm Valentin and I recently started Colonwell Inner Peace product for the first time and this product is really fantastic for my daily routine as I am a Hairdresser of one of the busiest Salons in Glasgow. So definitely could say colonwell its a great product to make your tummy feel fuller even when you are busy like me! I feel healthier and I eat smaller portions! This product keeps me fit! Best of Luck, Valentin.

Hello! I am using Colonwell Inner Peace for a few days and I feel full of energy, it speeds up my metabolism. I recommend it to everyone.

Hi, my name is Vaida and I am pregnant at the moment. I have decided to use ColonWell, in order to clean my intestine and feel better. I am happy it's easy now to get it in UK!

Dalia from Alness says
: For several months I have read people comments about Colonwell and this spring I decided to try it. I like good food, so I overeat quite often. Now I consume good tasting Colonwell Inner peace before meals twice a day, it gives me the feeling of fullness in the evenings and I go to sleep feeling light.

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Anna Rozanska is using ColonWell Inner Peace. Watch the video to find out her expierence about the product.

 Kristina has been using ColonWell Inner Peace on her pregnancy. She is satisfied with results so young mother is recommending ColonWell Inner Peace for pregnant women: