“I started using Colonwell on the 23rd Feb., 2017. The first 6 days’ effect was really amazing. Thanks to your product, everything is now back to normal, because before I had some problems with my digestive system. I feel great and happy. I can recommend it to everyone. Now I'm looking forward to a good result after a month and hoping that this product will help me control weight. Pushing me to drink more water. Thank you very much.” -Kristina
"Good Morning Colonwell Team, Every Morning I start my day with CollonWell - this is a product which helps my immune system. I am a beauty therapist in Scotland who always busy and running around, thus I don't have time for my regular meals, so this product helps me to maintain energy levels in between my main meals. I am also trying to convince my clients to become healthier and by introducing them to ColonWell so that then can take care of their beauty from inside and not always rely n external therapies. I truly believe 'your are what you eat'! I tried ColonWell Active before and I am now back to Natural Flavour- both are very effective, but each gives me a different results, so I think it's very personal what we want to achieve. Highly recommend this natural product! -Vaida
“For several months I was reading other peoples’ comments about ColonWell, and this spring I decided to try it myself. I like tasty food, so I overeat quite often. Now I drink ColonWell before meals twice a day. It gives me the feeling of fullness in the evenings and I go to sleep feeling light.” -Dalia
“I decided to use ColonWell during my pregnancy in order to clean my intestine and feel better. I am happy with the overall results and how I feel after the first month. It’s easy now to order it in UK! Thank you.” -Vaida
“I recently started using ColonWell for the first time, and this product is really fantastic for my daily routine as I am a Hairdresser of one of the busiest salons in Glasgow. So definitely could say ColonWell is a great product to make your tummy feel fuller even when you are busy like me! I feel healthier and I eat smaller portions! This product keeps me fit! Best of luck.” -Valentin.
“Siunčiu jums savo pasikeitimus vartojant ColonWell skaidulas. -20kg maždaug per 4 mėnesius. Rezultatai kalba patys uz save! Skaidulas vartojau pagal programą, vietoje vakarienės.“ – Vidmantas Gaveika iš Elektrėnų.
“I don't have time for my regular meals, so this product helps me feel fuller until my main meals. I feel better than ever. ColonWell helps me maintain good health. It also helped me to lose weight. I feel lighter overall.” -Rasa
“Hi there! I will probably only be understood by moms in large. In 2018, I gave birth to twins. Despite the lack of rest and starvation at times, the pounds I gained during the pregnancy stayed after with me. ColonWell was like the greatest birthday gift ever. I decided to take care of my overweight because I am not only a mom but also a wife, a woman...So when I started drinking ColonWell, I noticed that my craving for sweet things have gone and I started to feel satiety when eating. Most importantly - with no sports and no extra effort needed. I lost 6 kg in 3 months !!! thanks Colonwell - I am going on holiday soon feeling light and great again” - Amber
“My husband (Stephen) and I started using ColonWell on the 20th of January 2017. The first effect was really amazing as it brought us to go for no.2 twice on the very first day. The only way for me to describe it was our bowel movement was effortless. The reason we try this product was to help improve our bowel movement and to try to control weight. My hubby sometimes can take up to 3 to 4 days without going to the toilet for no.2. As soon as we used ColonWell it showed a significant effect in our bowel movement. It makes us feel lighter after a few days. We are looking forward to a good result after a month. Since we started taking this product we also tried eating healthy food. Taking it first thing in the morning helps to feel lighter throughout the day. We feel full of energy, and it speeds up our metabolism. I recommend it to everyone. Thanks.” -Amelia
“I am a mother of two children and I am very busy with kids and work. Every day I am taking kids to the school/nursery, and then going straight to work. I got my first ColonWell package from my friend to try and I really liked it! So I started to use it twice a day and started to feel much better. I feel lighter since losing some weight and feel younger and happier!” -Anna
“Sveiki, ir aš noriu pasidžiaugti šiuo produktu. Išgėrus jo atsiranda soties jausmas. Susitvarkė žarnyno veikla. Esu laiminga jog atradau ColonWell! Išbandžiau abu skonius, man labiau patiko natūralus, be vaisių :) Taip pat rekomendavau mamai, mama taip pat pradeda jaustis geriau. Ačiū jums :) “- Orinta Vaišnoraitė iš Klaipėdos
“I really enjoy using ColonWell. I have had problems with my skin for the last 10 years and I noticed that after 2 months drinking ColonWell, it has helped me to take control of it. I highly recommend it to anyone who has skin problems and just wants to feel better in general.” -Deimante Teodora
Sandra is medical beautician. As a specialist she introduces influence of ColonWell to make your skin better.
Jessica is using ColonWell and sharing her opinion about the product.
Sally recommending ColonWell. After using the product she noticed that it helps to solve intestinal problems and low cholesterol.-Sally Lennox
Sveiki! Esu Darius iš Klaipėdos. Noriu ir aš pasidžiaugti savo rezultatais, kuriuos pasiekiau ColonWell pagalba. ColonWell vartoju jau du mėnesius, pradėjau trečią pakuotę. Buvau gana skeptiškai nusiteikęs, kai Kalėdų proga nuo žmonos gavau dovanų ColonWell skaidulas. Jas žmona siūlė gerti dėl žarnyno problemų. Rezultatai buvo jaučiami iškart, todėl pagautas azarto po kelių dienų skaidulų vartojimo pagal sveiko žarnyno programą perėjau prie lieknėjimo programos ir pradėjau ColonWell skaidulas vartoti vietoje vakarienės. Šiuo metu galiu pasidžiaugti puikiu rezultatu -11 kg. ir tikrai čia dar neriba, ačiū ColonWell! :) P.S. Žmona pamačiusi kokius rezultatus galima pasiekti vartojant ColonWell, taip pat pradėjo vartoti skaidulas!” – Darius Budrikis.
Margarita Vanagaitė iš Kauno rašo: “Noriu pasidžiaugti, kad su pertraukomis naudojant ColonWell nusiminusavau apie 50kg. Dabar truputį kilogramai pakilo, todėl vėl naudoju pamiltą ColonWell, kad grįžčiau prie norimos savijautos su jo pagalba”.
"ColonWell helps me manage my stomach acidity. I have been using the products for 5 straight months now! When the product is good it doesn't need advertising. ColonWell is a really good product and t solves my issues. I didn't believe it until I tried. I highly recommend it to everyone" - Julia
"Hi, I recommend ColonWell to everyone. I was on a slimming program and used to drink it around 7pm instead of dinner. It felt like I had proper dinner and did not want to eat after that until morning. This way, I lost 7lbs. Also, the bowels have been restrained because of constipation in the past. " - Irma
"Hi, I would like to thank you for this truly amazing product. I have tried everything but to no effect. When I started drinking ColonWell, I lost significant weight (people noticed it), also had intestinal problems that were gone in week 2. I was also using ColonWell during my pregnancy and I felt at ease. After giving birth I continued to use the product and my baby and I felt great. I highly recommend to other Moms " - Katerina.
"I have heard about ColonWell from my mother-in-law. Even though I have been drinking for a short while, I feel like my digestive activity and general well-being have improved. I plan to continue using this product and recommend it to others." - Giedre
"Using ColonWELL has become a daily routine for me. It's a daily morning job. I can only exclaim: USE, USE and USE it again. A true intestinal problem solver and a healthy weight loss controller! Thanks again" - Sarah