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ColonWell - is a dietary fibre product made only from natural ingredients. ColonWell maintains normal intestinal function and causes a feeling of satiety. The basis of the product is dietary fibre – a type of carbohydrates which are broken by the gut flora rather than digestive enzymes.

Choose ColonWell if you:
- wish to lose weight naturally and healthily;
- want to normalise the bowel function;
- want to maintain normal cholesterol levels in the blood.

 The benefits:

when combined with a low energy density diet, glucomannan helps reduce weight (if a low-energy density diet is followed, a positive effect is observed when 3 portions containing 1 g of glucomannan is consumed per day before meals together with 1-2 glasses of water;

glucomannan helps maintain normal cholesterol levels in the blood (a positive effect is observed when 4 g of glucomannan per day is consumed);

barley grain fibre helps to increase faecal mass (which is important in the event of constipation). Effects of nutrients are scientifically proven and approved by the European Commission (EFSA).

 How does ColonWell work?

Natural fibre swells in the body and, when their volume is increased, a feeling of satiety is induced. As a result, every day you eat less food and fewer calories, lose weight completely healthily, and your body gets adequate intake of dietary fibre.

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