What is your belly type? Find out and get a slimming plan

For many women, summer is not only associated with holidays and heat, but i also associated with a frightening fear. Wearing a swimsuit and feeling good often becomes mission impossible. There is still a widespread belief that having a flat tummy requires a strict diet and intense daily exercise. Unfortunately, specialists say this approach is far from reality. "The key is to hear the signals your body sends, to be familiar with your body, and to follow reliable dietary rules," says pharmacist Mantas Jakimavičius. So, first of all, find out what type of belly you have. Only then should you start your slimming actions so that they will be effective. 

Beer belly

Beer Belly

How to recognize: owners of this type usually do sedentary work and have a sweet tooth.

Bad habits: low movement, high intake of sugar and carbohydrates (pies, white bread, pasta, rice).

Slimming plan:

- Lower alcohol intake. Alcohol is a fat bomb on your stomach because its damage to the lower abdomen is particularly severe.

- Change your diet gradually. Start reducing your food intake and avoiding sweets. Change to a new diet slowly; do not shock your body. Sudden changes in nutrition can be disappointing, as fast results start and stop one day and the "beer belly" returns. If you suffer from an uncontrollable feeling of hunger, use more dietary fiber, which quickly creates a feeling of satiety and allows you to limit your food intake.

Experience: “When you are doing sedentary work, resisting sweets from colleagues is a crazy challenge. When I changed my diet and added more fiber in the mornings, I saw that I no longer had to resist because I was just satiated. That's how the tummy started to shrink,” said Vaida, the office administrator.

 Stress-induced belly


How to recognize: this type of belly can usually be found on perfectionist personalities who try to do their best in life and usually fail to do much. These women experience daily stress, often with irritable bowel syndrome.

Bad habits: irregular eating, fast food, high coffee consumption.

Slimming plan:

- Go to bed early and at the same time every day. Poor sleep inhibits the production of the hormone leptin, which regulates metabolic processes. As a result, when we’re sleepy we eat more because we get energy from food.

- Don’t exert yourself while exercising. Owners of this type of belly are not advised to exercise intensely. Rather, try long walks and light exercises with low weights.

- Carry food with you. Just carry food in your purse to avoid irregular eating problems. Ideally, it is advisable to carry low-calorie but satiating foods, such as dietary fiber.

Experience: “I usually attend at least five meetings with clients a day, sometimes they last a longer time, so I have to run constantly to not be late. A year later I noticed an abdominally protruding tummy, and digestive problems began. I decided to deal with the problem simply - you will always find fruit, ColonWell dietary fiber, and a bottle of water in my purse,” says Sales Manager Giedrė.

Muffin top

Muffin Belly

How to recognize: this is the type of belly of a woman "stuck" in a busy routine. These women often exercise intensively, adhere to strict diets, but eat the same foods and therefore cannot get rid of the fat on their belly.

Bad habits: intense yet aimless sport, non-varied diet.

Slimming plan:

- Exercise responsibly. Write this down in large letters: not every exercise is useful! Before you start exercising, think about the exercises you are doing so that you don’t do more harm than good. It is better not to do squats at all than to do them incorrectly.

- Eat a varied diet. Owners of this tummy will not beautify their body unless they introduce dietary fiber into the diet to improve the functioning of the digestive system. Not only are you eating the same food and not only are you not getting all the right stuff, but you are interfering with your digestive system's ability to process it properly. Dietary fiber swells up and its high volume helps to activate the digestive system and eliminate food waste.

Experience: "Once I weighed 100kg. I lost 20kg in a few months after starting to exercise and dieting, but when I reached the 80kg limit, my weight loss stopped. I could not understand why such a great effort of mine was not successful. It was only after talking to a nutritionist that I learned that following the same principles of slimming would not lead to weight loss. He suggested making a major change in my diet, adding a variety of nutrients, and consuming at least 30 grams of dietary fiber daily, which will create satiety and help my digestive system. And you know what? Weight is continuing to slowly fall,” says housewife Liuda.

Mummy tummy

Muffin Tummy

How to recognize: the owners of this belly are women who have recently given birth.

Bad habits: intense exercises were started too soon (it is recommended to wait at least 2-3 months after giving birth).

Slimming plan:

- Exercise should be minimal after giving birth. Do treadmill exercises, but avoid crunches.

- Find an alternative to exercise, such as healthy eating. We understand that waiting and looking at the round belly for three months is definitely not the most pleasant procedure. How to find the best solution for both the mom and baby? After giving birth to a baby, his health is always in the number one priority, so it is important to use products that do not harm the baby through breastfeeding. Balanced dietary fiber is a great choice, as it not only improves the digestive system but also helps to get rid of a protruding tummy.

Experience: “I have lost weight many times and it was quite easy, but getting rid of the weight gained after childbirth was insanely difficult. A couple of months after giving birth, I read about the results of a baby-friendly, natural, dietary fiber product called ColonWell in the moms’ forum and, after talking to other women, I decided to give it a try. Not only have I been able to get rid of my stomach, I am happy that I do not have to stay stuck in the toilet for a long time, because using ColonWell has changed my metabolism,” says the mother of 1-year old Luke.

Bloated belly


How to recognize: this type of belly is often flat in the morning, but during the day it continues to swell and expand. These women often complain of various allergies, constipation, and so on.

Bad habits: eating the same foods for a lifetime.

Slimming plan:

- Do not be afraid to experiment with the digestive system. Gradually try to eliminate products that your body does not tolerate and introduce new ones. In case of malfunction of the digestive system, remember that digestion is improved by dietary fiber, which is also important to introduce slowly into your diet.

- Eat at the right time. Ignoring breakfast and overeating in the evening are the biggest enemies to your health, which often becomes a guarantee of bloating. It’s better to eat in the morning and sometimes you can forget about dinner.

Experience: “I never liked experimenting and tasting all kinds of food because later I had to complain about bloating and long stays in the toilet. However, once I met a coach during a marathon and my opinion began to change. The trainer laughed that my exaggerated fear of tasting new food was just stupid and recommended me to taste everything, only moderately. The abdominal problems were solved just as easily - I started using ColonWell dietary fiber daily. I had to get used to them for almost a month, but now I wouldn't change them for anything,” says Victoria, a sales consultant.

The main rule for all belly types

Research shows that today's fast-paced lifestyle is unimaginable without the inclusion of dietary fiber in our diets. Fibers prevent our digestive system from falling asleep during hibernation and constantly encourages it to work.

However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that when you are eating dietary fiber, you should be aware that the body needs a certain ratio of soluble and insoluble fiber in the diet. You should consume 3-4 times more water insoluble fiber than soluble fiber. "It seems simple arithmetic, but creating a well-balanced dietary fiber product that suits everyone and astonishes with its results took even several years," says Mantas Jakimavičius, the creator of ColonWell, a highly successful dietary fiber product.

After being asked to name the main benefit of ColonWell, the pharmacist responds without thinking:

 “For me as a pharmacist, the essential advantage is the naturalness of ColonWell. You take the packaging, you read the ingredients, and you see that the product is made up of carefully selected and matched herbs with no vague ingredients. On the user side, the main advantage is that ColonWell is not a product you drink and think it helps you, even though you feel nothing. If you take ColonWell according to the instructions, you should immediately after a few days feel the need to change your diet. It's a product that speaks for itself,” says the pharmacist.

So, did you find your belly type easily? If so, move on to change - not later, but here and now.