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Area to pay special attention to - our intestines

Statistical data confirms the opinions of medical specialists, that most of our illnesses begin because of improper intestine function and that taking care of them is a great way to become healthier. Weak and sluggish bowels are a cause of many illnesses – constipation, obesity, headaches, allergies, skin problems, immune disorders and other diseases can plague us simply because we can not get a grip on out intestine function. So, what do we all need to know about our nutrition and intestine function to effectively improve our health?

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What is ColonWell and why this is good for you?

ColonWell is a Lithuanian made dietary and fibre product that is created only from natural ingredients and, effects of nutrients are scientifically proven and approved by the European Commission (EFSA). ColonWell maintains normal intestinal function and creates a feeling of satiety. The basis of the product is dietary fibre – a type of carbohydrate which is broken down by the gut flora rather than digestive enzymes.

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