John's belly resembles a watermelon. How much do you think he has left?

“For a long time, I wasn't worried about my watermelon belly, we even had fun competing with my colleagues as to whose belly was bigger. I thought it was important for a woman to take care of her figure for beauty, but a man's belly doesn’t really matter too much while you feel fine. But then health problems began...” - says 52-year-old John.

Ask yourself what is the main reason for your weight loss? Eight out of 10 women told us they were losing weight because they wanted to feel more beautiful. 5 out of 10 responded that they would make the biggest dietary choices if they knew they would definitely lose weight. Unfortunately, hearing about the link between being overweight and ill was not heard... Maybe we know too little about it? To inspire John's sad story, in this article we will try to break one particularly deep-seated myth about being overweight and offer a healthy alternative to losing weight. 

LET’S BREAK THE MYTH: body mass index does not indicate "abdominal" obesity

Recent scientific studies show that belly fat can cause more problems than being overweight, as shown by the BMI index. We are talking here about "apple" or "belly" obesity, which is found in men with a waist circumference of more than 102cm and women over 88cm.

In America, researchers looked at the height, weight, waist size, muscle mass and diseases of 12,000 respondents and analyzed their health status 14 years later. It turned out that people with normal weight according to the BMI index, but with an "apple" belly, were 2.75 times more likely to develop chronic disease than those without fat on the abdomen.

LET’S BE FRANK: living with a watermelon belly

John, who inspired this article (125 cm waistline), shared with us the not-so-pleasant facts of life, which we decided to bring to light and to comment more on.

JOHN: “I never had a stomach in my youth, I ran a lot, but when my stomach started to grow, I suddenly felt slower and slower. At first I thought it was the age to blame...”

COMMENT: we have more energy in our youth, but a sharp drop in energy still indicates health problems. The reason for feeling lethargic is understandable and it is the fault of the enlarged gut. Imagine, how would you feel if you had to carry a 10kg sack of potatoes from morning to sundown.

JOHN: “after I put on weight in the waist area, I had to start carrying a napkin in my pocket, which was for wiping sweat. I had started sweating like a pig…”

COMMENT: a layer of fat around the waist interrupts thermoregulation so it understandable that sweating starts to cause more problems.

JOHN: “I would feel poorly after eating, so I gradually started drinking supplemental enzymes after meals,”

COMMENT: large deposits of fat push on the stomach, disturb the metabolism, so digestion becomes poorer.

JOHN: “I noticed that each time it became far harder to climb up to the fifth floor.”

COMMENT: people who are obese in the waist area put a lot more stress on their heart so they get tired far faster even after minute physical strain.

Why do we have to talk about central obesity right here and right now?

Are so afraid of the dangers of oncological diseases that we forget about other health problems. Are you aware what’s the most prominent cause of death in Lithuania? According to data from 2014 even 56% of people died from diseases of the cardiovascular diseases. Central obesity is an important risk factor which increases the risk of emergence of heart disease, diabetes and atherosclerosis. Excess fat, stored in the waist area disturb the normal positions of internal organs, slow down the metabolism and secrete biologically active substances which prevent the normal operation of other bodily functions. We frequently are indifferent to big bellied loved ones but maybe we should be the ones to encourage them to save themselves?

NO to strict diets or getting right of the belly forever

If you have decided to say goodbye to a pronounced gut forever and don’t want to damage your health you have to take a fresh look at your diet. Scientists from Columbia University say that sticking to strict diets is the completely wrong way to get rid of a bloated belly. In reality, you don’t need to torture yourself and refrain from eating food you like. Research show that women who ate at least a little of what they like, they ate less than others who fundamentally changed their diet and ate only low-calorie meals. Knowing that you are the master of your own body and that nothing is preventing you from eating what you want makes sticking to a died far more effectively.

Let’s return to John and his center obesity problem. How can we help him (and maybe ourselves or our loved ones too)?

  • First of all, if you want to reduce the amount of belly fat you need to avoid carbohydrates which are low in fat (for example white rice), because they increase the blood sugar amount. Rather you should eat “good fats” like avocadoes or fatty fish.
  • The best way to shrink a protruding gut – to improve the function of the digestive tract. In this case it is best to supplement balanced dietary fiber. They bind fatty acids in the digestive tract and part of the calories from fat are immediately removed from the organism so food does not “go to your gut” and is digested far more easily.
  • And likely the most important – learning to fight the feeling of hunger. Seeking for effective results you need to learn to eat small amounts and many times in a day. In this case it may be hard to start because of psychological issues, so it important to feed the organism with something low-calorie at the same time satiety inducing. Let’s compare two teaspoons of balance ColonWell dietary fiber and two teaspoons of sweet pie. Unfortunately, after eating the pie you will remain hungry, you’ll even want to eat more but if you eat the dietary fiber you will feel full after 20 minutes and completely forget about hunger for a couple of hours. Many may ask – how is this possible?

“Correctly balanced dietary fiber has one important quality – when they reach the stomach they expand and increase the volume of eaten food many times. ColonWell not only provides a feeling of satiety but at the same time work on the metabolism, help get rid of a protruding gut and allows you to feel light” – comments pharmacists. 

So, let’s return to the name of the article and answer, how much has John left? We hope that you understood the answer – the span of your life depends on your knowledge and effort, striving to improve your health. We are sharing the knowledge, so the only thing left for you is to put honest effort into it, not to be indifferent and love your bodies.