How to defeat uncontrollable hunger

What are the risks for overweight people?

Today, in a society so deeply rooted in the cult of beauty, slimming is often only about aesthetics. However, it is often overlooked that being overweight can cause huge problems for our health. According to the World Health Organization, obesity is the largest unrecognized public health issue, with a significant worldwide impact on morbidity and mortality. Overweight people are at increased risk of developing diabetes, ischemic heart disease, problems with their gallbladder, and worsening mental health.

The environment around us is driving the spread of obesity

The rise in the number of obese people is closely linked to changing lifestyles. The root cause of obesity is very simple and clear - food gives us more energy than we spend. Today's food industry mainly offers processed, high-energy, high-fat products and barely any plant fibre which is so important to the human body. At home, we’re cooking less and less often and choosing fast food, so we get a lot of energy from food and move less, thus wasting less energy. The arithmetic is very simple: unused energy is converted into extra kilograms.

We say NO to the obesity epidemic

The only correct rule of slimming that you can write in large letters on your fridge is to consume fewer calories and burn more. There are simply NO other rules. So, if you’ve decided that it’s important for you to get rid of excess weight in a healthy way, healthy eating and physical activity will now become your life-long friends. Many people think that losing weight requires strict diets, but this causes too much damage to the body. Natural products that reduce appetite should be taken. What products are these? It turns out that the loss of appetite can be achieved through the use of plant fibres, the benefits of which are still not well understood in society. Where can you get them? 

ColonWell - Product that breaks the stereotype of slimming

Pharmacists are pleased that healthy nutrition products are increasingly valued in Lithuania. ColonWell, a plant fibre product developed by Lithuanian specialists, is already recognized and has its own users. A ColonWell user is a person who wants to lose weight in a healthy, effective way and, at the same time, wants to understand the slimming process.

Why ColonWell?

We’re constantly hearing about the use of various "miraculous" dietary supplements for slimming, but we also often hear about the side effects of these supplements. ColonWell, on the other hand, can be called functional food because the product's composition is enriched with plant fibres, which perform important functions of the body. In addition, the glucomannan contained in ColonWell is recognized by the European Commission (EFSA) as a natural remedy for weight loss. It's a healthy and convenient way for those who want to keep their promise and finally shed the extra pounds.

How does ColonWell work?

ColonWell is made from carefully-selected natural and compatible ingredients. The plant fibres in ColonWell swell and expand in volume as they enter the body, creating a feeling of satiety. It is recommended that this plant fibre product be taken 30 minutes before food, mixed with water. That way, you start consuming less everyday food, get fewer calories, and start to lose weight in a healthy way! For those who want to lose weight, it’s very important to combine the use of ColonWell with physical activity.

It is also important to note that Barley fibre in ColonWell increases stool volume and can be used as a preventative measure against constipation.