Area to pay special attention to - our intestines

Statistical data confirms the opinions of medical specialists, that most of our illnesses begin because of improper intestine function and that taking care of them is a great way to become healthier. Weak and sluggish bowels are a cause of many illnesses – constipation, obesity, headaches, allergies, skin problems, immune disorders and other diseases can plague us simply because we can not get a grip on out intestine function. So, what do we all need to know about our nutrition and intestine function to effectively improve our health?

Signs of danger: poison hidden in our bowels

We eat at least three times per day but expel waste once every 24 hours at best (sometimes even less often than that). Then you probably want to ask, how much unnecessary “baggage” are we hauling along? A person of medium build burdens themselves with an additional 5 - 6 kilograms and obese people can be carrying up to 25 kilograms.

Have you ever thought that a large part of our health ailments can be caused by intestinal disorders? Undigested scraps of food become rotting in the bowels and emit toxins which enter our bloodstream, then reach organs via our blood vessels and poison every single cell in our body. In this way our liver, kidneys and lungs become damaged, the normal running of our heart and blood vessels becomes disrupted.

A huge step towards a healthy digestive tract – a balanced diet

It is good to know that we can significantly assist in the correct function of our digestion and intestines! We have become used to run to the pharmacy immediately after getting sick and clutch at pills as if it were a lifebuoy, but the foundational rule of having healthy intestines isn’t medicine but a healthy and balanced diet!

Regularly take dietary fiber – that is one of the main principles of healthy nutrition. Dietary fiber is neither nutritious nor dense in calories but are very important to our bodies. They help the contents of our digestive tract move along faster, induce a feeling of satiety, reduce the concentration of cholesterol in blood and perform many other good deeds in your organism. However, it is important to know what kind of dietary fiber is the best for us if we want to reach the desired results!

ColonWell is a dietary fiber product made solely from natural ingredients. ColonWell supports normal function of the digestive system and makes us feel full. The basis of the supplement consists of dietary fiber (roughage) which is a subtype of carbohydrates which are undigestible by our digestive enzymes but can be broken down by the microflora living in the large intestine.