10 forgotten slimming rules

Are you afraid of the side effects of medicine? It’s unfortunate, but oftentimes severe health problems are not caused by an illness itself but the side effects of medication… Now imagine life when weight loss becomes a side effect of your healthy lifestyle. Sounds impossible? Turns out that, if you abide by these forgotten slimming rules, it can be easily achieved! So, are you ready to change the quality of your life?
  1. Don’t go on a diet

Are you dreaming of a successful and long-lasting way of losing weight? First of all, change your thought process and forget diets.

Correct thinking: “I pay attention to what I eat not because I want to lose weight, but because I want to be healthy instead.”

How to achieve it? Consider food as a guarantee of your healthl consume healthy products and weight loss will become a pleasant side effect on its own. When your body gets used to a healthy diet, it will stop storing fat for “emergencies” and that will allow for your weight to start dropping slowly and proportionately. This won’t cause any additional stress for your body.

  1. Hide the scales

What’s your weight? Unfortunately, this number - which everyone usually cares about so much - is completely pointless. We’ve already discussed this in an article about abdominal obesity.

Correct thinking: “I want to get rid of body fat instead of losing weight.”

How to achieve it? Stop thinking about the weight you have lost and consider your overall body composition. Don’t allow the scales to control your life. You’re better off choosing other ways to motivate yourself: take pictures, dust off some clothes that you dream of fitting into, or measure your body. The scales work for as long as they motivate you, but if you suddenly feel that you’re afraid of weighing yourself or are feeling depressed, get rid of them.

  1. Forget about losing fat from your belly

You only want to lose belly or buttock fat? The truth is that there is no such way that would allow you to target one specific area of your body and lose fat from of it. Sadly, you can’t select where fat accumulates in your body, so you can’t choose how to lose it.

Correct thinking: “I want to be in control of my general body fat percentage.”

How to achieve it? Concentrate your effort on losing body fat; then you will achieve the desired results. We all have abs, but it’s usually hidden by a layer of body fat. You’ll rarely achieve any results by doing press-ups, because the best way to eradicate fast is a balanced diet.

  1. Consider the quality of calories instead of their quantity

You consume very few calories daily, but lose no weight? The quality of calories is a very important indicator if you want to slim down but cannot forget about the quality of calories. If you only take into account the number of calories consumed, you’ll forget that your body needs important nutrients.

Correct thinking: “The most important part of my diet is the amount of nutrients, not calories.”

How to achieve it? Start thinking about the amount of nutrients in your diet. Calories are our energy, while the nutrients are necessary ingredients in order to burn fat, synthesize hormones, etc. Your body is an intelligent machine which needs vitamins, fats, and minerals to successfully slim down. If you eat diverse food in moderation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to get rid of body fat.

  1. There is no correct ratio of nutrient amounts

How many fats, carbohydrates, and protein do you actually expend daily? This question has never had a correct answer.

Correct thinking: “The most important thing, in my book, is a healthy diet instead of tracking nutrients.”

How to achieve it? You should take the amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your diet into account - but in moderation. If you’re feeling low-energy, you should eat more carbohydrates. If you’re constantly tired, you need more protein. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to eat 137g carbs, 152g protein, and 77g of fat. Be realistic – you’ll reach the desired result by eating food that’s high quality. Leave the counting of nutrients to diet book writers.

  1. Consume a sufficient amount of calories

How often do you hear ‘exercise more, eat less’? No matter how odd this sounds, putting in too much effort sometimes leads to eating too little to lose weight.

Correct thinking: “I know that by eating too little I will only reach short term weight loss results; therefore, I chose to eat qualitatively.”

How to achieve it? Don’t follow drastic portion size reduction advice; only then will you achieve long-term results. When you consume too little food, you limit the amount of nutrients your body receives. Your body loses energy which is very important for fighting against fat. You eat too little, slowing down your thyroid function, negatively your affecting hormones, and slowing down your metabolism.

  1. Make small slimming changes

You’re changing your diet but you don’t see any results a few days later and become disappointed? It’s hard to believe, but that’s one of the most serious problems for people trying to slim down. Because of this reason, it’s not recommended to change your entire lifestyle immediately (i.e. working out intensively and radically changing your diet).

Correct thinking: “I will be living healthy gradually, i.e. I won’t undertake the whole package deal of a healthy lifestyle.”

How to achieve it? It’s impossible to lose weight if you decide to change 100% of your previous life, no matter how much motivation you have. Decide how to start your road to healthy living and wait until it becomes habit, then move onto other things. For example, you should get used to drinking a glass of water with dietary fiber to activate your metabolism in the morning.

  1. Engage in strength training

If you want to lose weight, you usually start to walk more or jog. It certainly isn’t bad, but we recommend not forgetting strength training.

Correct thinking: “I know that strength training is one of the best ways to successfully transform your body.”

How to achieve it? Do strength exercises to speed up the metabolism and help get rid of unnecessary body fat.

  1. Don’t forget that you won’t lose the same amount of weight every day

Have you ever thought about the way you gained weight? It’s likely that your weight did not increase by the same amount every day. It’s the same with weight loss. It’s naïve to believe that you’ll get rid of the same amount of weight every day.

Correct thinking: “I am not obsessed with weight loss; I am obsessed with healthy living.”

How to achieve it? Reconcile with the thought that you may not lose weight quickly and immediately, but that it’s the exact secret to healthy and long-lasting weight loss.

  1. Do not give up

How many times have you started a slimming program and dropped it after a few days or weeks? Fatigue and lack of results are the two biggest killers of motivation.

Correct thinking: “The most important thing to me is how far I’ve gotten, instead of how far I have to go.”

How to achieve it? When you understand that your goal is not the numbers on your scales but successfully changed lifestyle habits, then weight loss will become a pleasant and uncomplicated process. Healthy slimming is a lifestyle which never causes stress, fear, has no end, and doesn’t make you rush.


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These rules were prepared based upon research performed by American nutrition specialist T. Schober, which took many years and the experience of pharmacists and healthy lifestyle coaches.